Yalikavak is located in the northwest of the peninsula.On the journey from Bodrum to Yalikavak, first a row of windmills, then the inimitable view of Yalıkavak will greet you.It used to be a sponge fishermen’s city and the most famous sponge divers of the peninsula were born there.Yalikavak is now transformed into one of the most importand touristic spots.It stands out with the windmills located on the hills and the sea shores, beautiful coves, located on the hills and the sea shores, beautiful coves, sunsets and recently built tourism facilities.

Geriş village located 3 km southwest of yalikavak, is connected with a fine road by the sea shore.Sandima village is on the south side of yalikavak; this is why the peninsula protruding towards northwest and efficiently protecting Yalıkavak, settled in the sea cove, from the north wind is called Sandama peninsula.Sandama is one of the names of the male version of the mother goddess, the main god of Anatolia. Sandama means “sacred”

The road heading southwest from Yalıkavak alongside the shore turns inland after curving along the outskirts of a hill, and the begins to ascend.Afterwards, passing the south side of a second hill it reaches the village of Geris located on the southside hill.The remains of the earliest city are spread over both peaks and their surroundings.Sandima is a six-hundred years old Ottoman Yörük(nomad) village.Beginning in th 60’s the increasing need for new sources of income caused the village to be deserted.You can see the abandoned stone houses.There is a house though that will charm you with both its inside and outside.today Sandima’s three residents Ismail Erkoca,Nurten Erkoca Değirmenci and Osman Yavuz, run the most unique art house, not only of Sandima but also of Bodrum.the couple, who take particular care to acquire all their needs from nature, and their uncle Osman are the only guardians of the art house and Sandima, whose sculptures, paintings, colors, terraces, cats and dogs will leave you in awe.You can also see the artists working at and taking care of the art house, contributing with their colors.

The critically endangered seals were first spotted on Orak island.The “Jingly, nipping, merry laughter”Halikarnas balıkçısı described, are the sounds made by seals for communication…And their deep big black eyes you cannot stop gazing in…The Yalikavak Küdür peninsula was declared a pilot seal area by the ministry of Environment in 1991.Everything done for the seal, Badem, injured during a storm in Gökova bay, is just one example of the efforts made by the foundation for Environmental and seal research for the continuation of the species.


Leleg,Lydia,Persia,Caria.These lands have been accumulating culture for 5000 years.The history of Yalikavak, protected from the north wind by Sandima, starts in the first ages.You can touch the walls that have seen many wars in Geris and watch the most beautiful sunset of the country on the hill of Pasanda.

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