What to Eat?


You will encounter quite a few dishes you have never tasted in your life. You may satisfy your hunger with a quick ?doner ekmek? or peynirli gozleme?. You will find buffets and little restaurants offering this Turkish version of fast food at about every corner of the town. However. Besides being famous for its stylish restaurants where you can find the main cuisines of the world. Bodrum is renowned for the typical Aegean cuisine made of local ingredients. ?su böreği?(patty of water) ?Köpoğlu? (a cold starter with fried aubergines and yoghurt), stuffed courgette flowers, bitter orange marmaladei gipsy salad and pckled cucumbers are some of the favourite Bodrum dishes.You will marvel at the taste of meals made with wild herbs such as ?turp otu?(radish leaves) ? hardal otu? , ?hindibaba? or ?ebegümeci? (mallow leaves).

Conversely to the general tradition, olive oil dishes are being eaten warm in the Bodrum region. Pava, a puree made of broad beans, is one of the favourite olive oil dishes and an indispensable ?meze? at the rakı dinner table.There are two well-known sorts of sweet pastry. ?saraylı?from the palace) looks like a rolled light pastry. Another popular dessert is ?un helvası?


Bodrum is quite famous for its sea food.The fish on sale is usually caught in the sea close by. Red mullet, gilt-head bream, sea bream, sea bass, rock grouper, dentex, surmullet, red sea bream, grey mullet, squid and octopus are some of them. Freshly caught, the local fish is a delight beyond imagination.

The gilt-head bream and the sea bass are varieties that are bred on fish farms. Therefore, oyu may ask the supplier whether they offer sea or cultivated fish. The farm fish is cheaper but the sea fish have slightly more flavour.

Fish is complementary food to raki, Turkish people love to fish with Turkish raki and they called it Rakı-balık(balık is fish) You have to try it in Bodrum or Bodrum peninsula, we suggest you that go Gumusluk while sun is going down, sit a restaurant, order raki and balık(fish) and enjoy the view of Myndos…


Turkey is one of the world’s important producers of olives. Bodrumis one of the regions that is home to many of Turkey’s millions of olive trees. It is possible to find olive trees aged up to 2000 years old. The processing of olives has undergone almost no changes since antiquity. Olives are harvested in the beginning of the winter and taken to olive presses for the oil production. Olives have been considered as sacred by many cultures, as they are used for health and an incredibly broad range of needs. The flavour of the village people’s olive oil sold in transparent bottles is just delicious. Bodrum locals even used to consume the savourous freshly squeezed oil with dried figs. Olive oil is a main ingredient, not only in Bodrum, but in all Mediterranean cuisines.

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