Turgutreis Diving Spots


We carry on with our short trip around diving points in Turgutreis and its surrounding regions, with a rich variety of underwater species.Are you ready to explore Mağaralar, kaptan koyu, çoban adası and Kargı adası, which stands right opposite Akyarlar?


turgutreis diving spotsThe caves consist of stones at surface level to the west of Çatal ada and i believe that they are one of the most beautiful diving spots in Turgutreis. At this spot, where you can dive when the wheather is calm the boat is secured at the main rock next to the caves. You can try one of 3 types of diving.

Your first choice is to get to two rocks that rise almost side by side from the bottom, and dive along the right-hand wall of the one on the left;this site is more interesting than all other sites.The dive is from the spot at around 10 meters that features a mixture of rocks and sea weeds, o the bottom of the rock.As the wall ends at 30 meters,the dive is completed with return that goes through the cave.In the second type of diving, you can take the left face of the rock on the left and follow steep rocks that extend all the way to the bottom, reach the rock bottom, visit the cave, and return.When you go further on, you will see a cave on the right.I suggest that you should swim towards the arch before entering the cave.Take a careful look around you, do not swim by and pay attention to cracks and hols.You can use your torch to see colors as well as animals that hide there. Sponges of various colors and types, bryozoa, pterobanchia, C. Peregrina, as well as vast colonies of corals beneath the arch are really matchless.

turgutreis diving spots

If you take a closer took through air bubbles, you will be fascinated to see corals and M.turuncata, a pseudo-coral from bryozoa family,with its red branches. When you return to the cave, there is an entrance which, under the light from the exit behind, looks magnificent; this entrance is just like the arch, a 3-4 meter opening between two rock walls and features a protrosion above. As you enter into the depths of the cave there is yet another surprise on the low ceiling.You can see your own face, looking puzzled- that is , if you can recognise yourself under your diving gear. This reflection is actually, due to a huge air bubble that got formed from divers air bubbles accumulating on the ceiling. This is a region which features rare species and needs to be protected; visibility, which can be as far as 25 meters, provides extremely beautiful scenes.


turgutreis diving spots

As it is located further back, çoban adası is an island that is rarely visited, with various currents flowing about it. Diving is carried out at the southern tip as the Kos current is less effective here, it is also here that the boat is moored. The island is surrounded by reef like rocks. Because the island is hardly ever visited, you can come across such interesting species as schools of barracuda, S. sphyranea, Neptün and D. banyulensis.

The possibilities of seeing something special at Coban Island is high. It was here that we saw a school of dolphin passing by. It is possible to do a full 360 degree tour of this island. Maximum depth 40 meters.


This bay is a shallow region in the north side of çatal ada where boats take shelter in bad

turgutreis diving spots

weather.Starting from the area where the boat is moored, as you proceed by following the anchor, you will see rocks that cover a wide area at depths ranging between 5 to 18 meters and extending on a northeast plane. Various types of black bream barracuda, dentex, moray eel, octopus and across any time.Don?t miss C. peregrine on hydroids on rocks in shallow waters.Also This shallow site is perfect for discover divers, snorkelers and courses as well as offering bright colours and an array of fish life for certified divers. It was at Captain Bay where Aquanaut discovered their first yellow sea horse. Maximum depth 12 meters.


turgutreis diving spots

Always my favourite, this island is a steep rock formation full of pointed rocks and situated in the center of the Kos current, right opposite Akyarlar. These rock formations have their extension under the sea in the shape of fairy chimneys. Kargı adası is one of the most important sites that forms one of the best diving spots in Turkey and which deserves to be protected owing to a diversity of fish species it possesses. On the island there are two diving spots; one of them is around the island and the other is off the island, over the reef, on the western side of the island. This is a region where the current is extremely strong and visibility is high.The force of the current directly influences the variety of species; stabile life forms on the bottom are also plentiful.All rocks are covered with A.tabarquanasis and Clavelina nana tunicates, which i have not seen in any other spot and which look as if they have come from outer space.

As for fish species; while schools of saddled seabeam, bogue, black bream and mullet surround the boat, barracuda and ? according to th season- leer fish, as well as dentex, big grouper and crayfish groups are regular inhabitants.Even though the number of grouper and crayfish seems to have been negatively influenced since, a few years ago, a scuba diving center organized off season harpoon parties here, the island is still a perfect spot for diving.The diving spot off the island reaches a depth of 15 meters on the reef and 35-40 meters at its deepest point.



Probably one of the most wonderful diving points in the region. Yassı ada is surrounded by a total of 16 ship wrecks, only one of which is with a metal hull, from different periods. Under the metal yassi island diving spotwreck lie amphorae from two ships from two different periods, yet, unfortunately, because of an unknown reason, it is forbidden to dive here.I have been asking myself for years how much we really manage to protect this spot instead of setting up a sea park and attracting tourists.

You will thoroughly enjoy exploring the Turgutreis Islands.

When you arrive in Turgutreis, if you lack the means to dive and explore this deep but so much close mystery world, I can recommend somewhere or someone else…

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