Torba is the place where peace hides from noise.It is located on the northeast tip of the peninsulain a sheltered cove.Torba being a part of the sheltered harbor, is a famous and peaceful spot where yachtsmen stop by and local fishermen unload their daily catch.The calm and peaceful atmosphere and easy access to Bodrum, have made this place quite popular. Small motels, bars and private sunbathing jetties line the long shore.Two thousands five hundred years old Leleg remains and the round shaped Leleg mausoleum, 15 m in diameter are worth seeing…The Torba Leleg Mausoleum gate as one of the hidden trasures of Bodrum, with a narrow corridor and round shaped mausoleum structure is really interesting.The mausoleum courtyard with paint still remaining to stir the imagination, is an interesting example with itsnarrow pedestal.The byzantine monastery on the east side of the cove marks Torba’s place in history.Torba is a small settlement only 5 kilometers from Bodrum.It is the perfect place for people who want to experience Bodrum, but are looking for peace.

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