The Land of Ethernal Blue


Homer describes Bodrum as “The land of eternal blue” and the words of another resident of Bodrum, Cevat Şakir, who said “The heavenly bliss of life in Bodrum is better than any eternal bliss that may await us” were not without foundation in reality. Throughout history of Bodrum, known as Halicarnassos in ancient times, has always been fought over and people have been unwilling to share its beauty with others.

Blue and green. This is a piece of heaven where not only blues and greens, but all the colors of the world meet ?beauty? is the word for bodrum, once seen an unforgettable beauty.A sea carrying the tang of seaweed, a tree humming a sweet melody, tulle curtains fluttering from turqoise framed windows, with a heart warming aura Bodrum has a smilling face.

This natural habitat of mignificent beauty is enriched with historical treasures from the past.Bodrum delights the eye with a dreamy paradise leaving something to say to the futture also, in every era, in every instant.

Every stone and the very soil, the waves and the wind, tell Bodrum of their love This is Bodrum.

Pearl of the universe, where peoples of the world meet and leave their mark.

There is a place for everyone here every mood, every taste, every sorrow, every joy,But most of all there is a palace for happinies and peace.Joy blossoms in people’s hearts in Bodrum.

Don’t stay away.

Come, take a closer look at Bodrum


This is the land of boundless skies.Give way to a folk song coming from the inside, and driftingapart it will turn azure in the sky.The light here does not only erase the darkness, it alters the matter, illuminates and transforms it into a dream of a poet.  Halikarnas balıkçısı

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