Sponge Divers

Now it is the turn of the heroes bringing history to the surface…For those who have left hundreds of nameless graves in these beautiful waters…For the hearts as boundless sa the sea…

Nameless heroes

Men of the sea whose faces smile only when touched by its salt, they are the gentlemen of the sea.

Lovesick for the sea. In love with sea, it is the only one for them.That is how deep the love for the cool waters is in their seaside hearts.

The ones who made the sea their home.They are the alchemists of the sea.

Only they know the depth and the deeps of the sea.Spending their lifetime and their hearts searching for black pearls in the blue deeps, sometimes they are the servands and sometimes the masters of the sea.Nobody knows better than they the yesterday and today of the mysterious depths.Life owes a lot to the dying profession of diving that has been carried on by master apprentice relationships for 1700 years. 95 percent of the shipwrecks were reported by the sponge divers.The contribution of the sponge divers to Bodrum having many world famous diving centers cannot be ignored.Now they are the nameless heroes of history.Still they are to be heard from in the future.

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