Kale Caddesi is a pedestrianized street near the castle, borders the main bazaar, a nice place for a stroll to see the local sites and the castle.There are many shops that you need everything or a gift to people you love


BODRUM OASIS Shopping, Culture and Entertainment  Center,

which consists of Turkey?s and world?s leader brands, extensively ministers its visitors with shops for every kind of needs, from women, men and kids wear to home goods, from jewelers to decoration gifts. You can easily park your car, eat according to your taste, go to cinema, do shopping cheerfully while your children have entertainment in play gardens in the center, which gives different view to shopping.



Weekly markets take place in most towns of Bodrum Peninsula. These markets are usually set up in the narrow streets of the town centre and figure as a main event in the public life of every town in Turkey. Here you can find the freshest fruit and vegetable, as the goods are usually being sold by the producers themselves. You can also buy authentic souvenirs along with delicious fruit or vegetables, and prices are generally very good value.


Market days on the Peninsula;

Monday – Türkbükü

Tuesday –  Bodrum(textiles and gifts), Gölköy

Wednesday –  Ortakent, Gündoğan, Gümüşlük

Thursday –  Yalıkavak

Friday –  Bodrum (Fruit and vegetable all day)

Saturday –  Turgutreis

Sunday – Gümbet

As well as the weekly markets there are modern shopping areas within easy which, where you can find anything you might you looking for the bazaar district in Bodrum centre is particularly colourful. Leather products, towelling, all sorts of food, aromatic oils, sunglasses, jewellery ? just about everything on sale you will be amazed by the dynamism of this town and the exquisite fashion and jewellery done by young designers.

Another option for a great shopping experience are the stylish shopping malls housing many famous brands. Internationally renowned fashion retailers, gift shops, travel agencies, beauty centres, real estate agents, home stores, cinemas, art galleries and elegant cafés are all to be found in any one of Oasis Shopping Centre, Milta Bodrum Marina, Yalıkavak Marina or Turgutreis Marina.

Bodrum Carpets

Carpets, whether knotted or flat woven (kilim) are among the best known art forms produced by the Turks from time immemorial. There are environmental, sociological, economic, and religious reasons for the widespread art of carpet weaving among the Turkish people from Central Asia to Turkey.

Turkish Carpets are unique in how they are made, they are always double knotted. While other carpets (i.e. Persian) use a single knot to form their carpets, Turkish Carpets are always double knotted adding strength to the beauty of these carpets. Turkish carpet first served a practical as well as decorative purpos

Rugs and Kilims are major decorative and functional elements that bring beauty

to a home or office. We will be giving information about the art of oriental rug

making, choosing the most suitable rug for your taste or lifestyle so that you

can select the perfect rug for your home or office.

Bodrum carpets and milas carpets is famous in Turkey.You see these carpets in Bodrum centrum.If you are interested in buying hand made bodrum-milas carpets you can visit some villages around Bodrum. Milas town, Çömlekçi, Sazköy, Dörttepe, Etrim, Mumcular are some of famous villages about hand made carpets and woven.Also you can see women who made carpets and woven,They are working so hard. These places are far between 20-40 minutes from Bodrum and you can go with a taxi or buy a tour from travel agenties.Owners of carpet shops know English but we suggest go with a tour(with guide).

Some of carpet shops are as fallow;

Çengel halıcılık Bodrum Tel: 0252 316 17 47
Sayın Burku Bodrum Tel: 0252 316 45 71
Era Halicilik Dörttepe Tel: 0252 535 51 19

Mılas Halilari Milas

Tel: 0252 512 93 68

Etrim village carpet

Tel: 0252 338 84 84

Sazköy carpet village

Tel: 0252 338 81 69

Dikmen carpet çömlekçi

Tel: 0252 378 70 31


Boncuk (Blue Bead)

Nazar boncuk also knows by blue bead, Turkish amulet or evil eye bead..

At some Windows the projections of the gods gleam.Their charm is eye-catching.Drawing glances to themselves, they glamorously shine.Is every glance full of love?Soe glance sincerely, some sigh, evil eyes glance malevolently. Some glance blue, yellow, White,. Int hese glances from the World of colors the eyes of god sparkle.They glance from the realm of the gods, they glance protectingly, shunning.From the ancient World to our day these piercing eyes made from glass, according to a belief are the eyes of Achilles.In ancient ages attached to the bow of and the sides of the ships, the gods eyes protected the ship.Let the eyes of the gods be on us, they used to say.When they overcame a storm, it was because God was catching them. Evil eye beads. From the World of colors, from the past to this day then protect from the evil eye.

Let Bodrum be touched by the evil eye. Let the eyes of God always be upon it.

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