Owning a home

Who wouldn’t like to live under clear skies and watch everything they plant in the garden nature, flower colourfully and finally bear fruits which come to the table?Who wouldnot like to spend their mornings on cool terraces overlooking a blue sea, to become friends with the warm, brave resourceful Mediterranean people?Who wouldn’t!

Here we are in Bodrum on this peninsula of abundance which, having visited ones; people always want to come back to. This is the region where architectural knowledge accumulated over hundreds of years makes life easy.

Typical Bodrum houses are made of stone with flat roofs. They are usually two-storey and have small rooms and courtyards away from the street.You can live in one of these houses or, if you prefer in a new house built to very closely resemble a traditional house from the outside. From a stone terrace encircled by bougainvillea-an internal part of the Bodrum scene-you can admire beauty as of nature ali around you.

Owning a house in Bodrum is the dream of every visitor. For this reason houses are built that completely satisfy every requirement of the modern life-style. For example, air-conditioning for comfort in the summer months, systems using solar energy that provide constant hot water and gardens using local ground-water are just the most basic of features offered in the area.

In recent years real estate sales to non-Turkish citizens have become legal, and Turkey and Bodrum in particular have become a favourite with both Turkish and foreign property investors. Among similar countries with Mediterranean coasts, Turkey is still the least expensive to own house in.

This is a Mediterranean dream. We ali imagine making a life in this region of many islands where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet. Here, we can spend our days in a peaceful fishing town in this ideal climate, while having the advantage of fast convenient access to anywhere in the world.

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