Glarious Maussollos!

Even kings, glarious and majestic, cease to exits on their beloved land.They must rest in peace.Maussolos must have a place to rest where death suits even a king.Artemisia the second,the king’s wife and at the same time his sister, says there must be a resting place fit for the most celebrated king of Caria.The arhitect of the monument in the center of Halicanassus which is visible from land and water, saluting visitors like a king was pytheos.The amazing and entrancing mausolleion, a wonder of the ancient world. The only things left of the great monument and world wonder are the word maussoleion, coined from the king’s name making him immortal and the stones embedded in the castle walls, missing from their original places just like strangers resting in the castle walls, they listen.Still ther faces speak the truth, they, the stones that witnessed Caria’s most glorious days.The period when maussollos(377-353 BC) made Halicarnassus his capital, built his palace, his tomb and the temple of Mars, is when cultural progress was most advanced.The maussoleion is the most important architectural cretion of the fourth century BC. It is on the list of the seven wonders of the Ancient World.The wonder was 80 ionian feet tall, almost 50 meters, or as tall as a 20 story apartment building.

The friezes of this structure, which stood for 1500 years, were taken to the british Museum in 1846 after sultan Abdümecid granted permission to the English Ambassador Lord Stratford Canning.

These lands have writen glorious history.

The Mausoleum is Bodrums oldest antiquity and was built by Artemisia II in honour of her husband King Mausolos. It became one of the wonders of the ancient world, Mausoleum still is the general term for a large tomb. The entire structure stood at over 50 meters in height. The first reliefs from the Mausoleum reached the British Museum in London in 1846, these included frescos and other objects.

This amazingly beautiful natural habitat is embellished with historical heritage from the past to the present day.Bodrum, giving the gift of a dream heaven to the eyes, leaves something to say to the future too, in every era, in every time.The waves whisper that Bodrum was at its peak with the Carians.They whisper of a period of a contented life, wealthy people walking the roads of Bodrum, the ships coming and going and making the city even richer, of people who gave their heart to art and craftsmanship…Even today the waves still remember the artists and the artisans.

Bodrums first remembered literary character was Cevat Sakir, known as the ‘Halicarnassus Fisherman’
asked for the return of the Mausoleum parts to Bodrum in a letter adressed to the Queen of England,
saying that such exquisite works of art were not finding their true place under the foggy and grey sky of London.
The letter he received in response stated as following:
“Thank you for reminding us of the matter, We have painted the ceiling where the Mausoleum is located in blue.”

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