Bodrum Milta Marina

Evliya Çelebi in the seyahatname(travel book) he wrote in 1690’s speaks of Bodrum harbor; “The harbor is not affected by the six winds, open to the southwest and south by east winds, is suitable for dropping anchor and can accommodate 200 boats” At the hearth of Bodrum, an in-city marina. The best view of the city, pure white sails on the deep blue sea.

Marinas are the places where the passion for sea can be experienced and shared to the fullest even on land.Milta Bodrum marina can accommodate 450 achts from the smallest to super yachts, with a fully fledged technical service, wireless internet, shopping malls filled with famaous brands, 24 hour security and much more.In Milta Bodrum marina there are many reasons for you to feel like you are in a very special holiday village

VHV channel manitored by the marina 73
Berthing capacity 425
Capacity on land 50
Maximum length 75 mt.
Maximum breadth 7 mt.
Prevailing wind direction SW-SE-NW
Distance to the town centrum In centrum
Distance to Bodrum airport 24 km.
Distance to the bus station 2 km.

Turgutreis D-Marin Marina

D-marin Turgutreis is one of the biggest marinas in Europe and has an Italian ambience, luxurious shops and cafes. It took 30 months to transform one of Turgutreis most desolate areas into a fully fledged marina.

Of the Total 210 square meter area belonging to the marina, 110 thousand square meters comprise the on-land facilities.The facility which can accommodate 100 yachts.The D-marin Turgutreis marina operating full capacity besides general marina service offers; Yacht club, swimming pool, fitness facilities, sauna, tennis court, amphitheater, parking and a promenade.It was mentioned as one of the most environmentally friendly marinas at the “Tourism oscars” and is one of the most luxurious in Turkey.

VHV channel manitored by the marina No: 16/ 24 hrs listening services
Berthing capacity 550
Capacity on land 72 / 73 “D marin”
Maximum length 100 mt.
Distance to the town centrum 50 mt.
Distance to Bodrum airport 52 km.
Distance to the bus station 22 km.
Mooring system Finger docks up to 15 mt.

Yalikavak marina

You will feel at home in Yalikavak marina’s vast and peaceful green areas with Bodrum style architecture.It is one of the rare “Blue Flagged” marinas in which you can swim after enjoying the sun under the palm trees.You can easily see the fis in Yalıkavak port which operates without harming the underwater habitat.

For sailing enthusiasts there is a special area with suitable winds all year round; and for those who are passionate about nature sports, inside and outside the marina, there are rock climbing routes and mountain biking tracks available.The amphitheater with mountain and sea views host music and dancing events, exhibitions and concerts on the hot and colorful days of the summer season.The second hand yacht fair is also an event the sector looks forward to and benefits from.

VHV channel manitored by the marina 16 / 72
Berthing capacity 450
Capacity on land 100
Maximum length 60 mt.
Distance to the town centrum ( Bodrum ) 15 km.
Distance to Bodrum airport 50 km.
Distance to the bus station 22 km.
Mooring system Finger docks up to 15 mt.

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