Gundogan, once known as Farilyais located on the north of Bodrum peninsula and 24 kms from Bodrum. In ancient times, there was a Lelegian settlement here too and it is still waiting to be excavated.

Gundogan is one of the best preserved corners of the Bodrum peninsula. It has a nice  beach and ideal spot for swimming, windsurfing and scuba diving. With it’s tangerine and olive trees, as well as cool breezes, Gundogan is a very pleasant place to visit.

Off the Gundogan coast, there is Buyuk Tavsan Adasi (Big Rabbit Island) where you can wander around the remains of a Byzantine Monastery from 9th AD. Another point of interest is Peynir Çiçegi Cave where you can see stalagmites and stalactites.

Gündoğan has many hospitality businesses run by local people, and the coasts is full of summer homes.It stretches away from the coast to the green hills behind and the orchards of Dağbelen village.There are interesting routes for walkers here, and Gündoğan is about fifteen minutes away by minibus.

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