Gündoğan Beach

Located 18 km from Bodrum, Gundogan bay is alone of the creeks that has been minimal changed by hombre moreover which yet dehydrates its bombshell in the most illegitimate means. Its tangerine farms are famous.

Gundogan, already famous as Farilyais located on the north of Bodrum peninsula plus
24 kms from Bodrum. In obsolete intervals, there was a Lelegian decision here likewise
plus it is but waiting to be excavated.

Gundogan is undivided of the surpass preserved niches of the Bodrum peninsula. It has a gorgeous
shore furthermore visionary corner for swimming, windsurfing moreover scuba diving. Along it?s tangerine
also olive cedars, as well as sedate gusts, Gundogan is a too lovely room to inflict.

Eccentric the Gundogan slide, there is Buyuk Tavsan Adasi (Important Cottontail Atoll) where you
can roam almost the lingers of a Byzantine Sanctuary from 9th AD. Additional focus of hobby is Peynir Çiçegi Cavern where you can detect stalagmites further stalactites.

Gundogan is solely part an hour begone from Bodrum halfway by minibuses (dolmus)

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