From Zephyria to Bodrum

Seen from the sea or wieved on land Bodrum has distinct charms.The sun has risen in its glory on the anciesnt city for centuries.That is how beautiful the Bodrum day is.History appears ehereever you look; the terrain tells a never ending story.Among the scent of citrus the past is a cornucopia.That is how beautiful the Bodrum yesterday is.The land meets the sea so magnificently,the greens entice, the wind calls out, the blue joins the shore .The dorians too must have been fascinated by this beauty so that they erected their castle here, to leave an amazing historical heritage, this castle that is today the symbol of Bodrum.According Herodotus the calendars point the eleventh century BC.From this long ago Bodrum calls out to us, from the time it was a proudisland.Antes, son of posedion of troizen from the eastern shores of the peloponese, was the founder of the settlement which was to witness many glorious events.

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