Emergency Numbers

Turkey Emergency Numbers

Fire 110 
Emergency 112 
Police 155 
Gendarme 156 
Coast Security 158 
Forest Fire 177


These numbers are valid anywhere in Turkey and put you immediately in contact with the Turkish emergency services.And please teach these 6 emergency numbers to other family members

Calling these services are offered free of charge, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

If you use a card operated public phone, you can directly dial the emergency number without inserting the card. However if you use a coin operated public phone, you should insert the coin to place the call although it is returned back at the end of the call.

Public & Social Services Numbers

Traffic 154
Tourism 170
Security 174
Health 184
Water Breakdown 185
Electric Breakdown 186
Funeral Services 188
Tax Info 189

Operator Services

International Operator 115 Dial 115 and let the operator place the international call for you.

Toll Operator 131 
To place national calls between different areas via the operator, dial 131.

Directory Assistance 118 18 or 118 80 or 118 33
In order to get anyone’s or anywhere’s phone number ( if you want to get anyone’s phone number you need to know their full name), call 118s , and let the operator help you.

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