Bodrum Underwater

The underwater of Bodrum is a sparkling treasure.It is a mysterious riddle, opening from one world to another.A charming adventure in a new world waiting to be discovered.The indescribable magical world of Coral reefs, sponges, giant seaweeds, and colorful schools of fish completely envelops you – the silent but amazingly beautiful, blue and calm deep.Among the whispers of the waves you cannot resist the land of blue waters.Every dive, a journey to freedom, a chance to come to yourself.Listen to the silence or play chase with the fish.With goby fish, groupers and amphoras let a journey from reality to a dream begin.

Abondon to the waters, let the blue wrap around you, embrace you with cool arms.Now let’s listen to the call of the sea and go deeper into Bodrum to discoverthe dreamy colors of the underwater world, swim among coral reefs, touch the glistening fish and sands lit by sunlight under the sea.Rocky cliffs, stony and sandy surfaces in the seabed.Seaweeds swaying to the rhythm of the waves slowly crashing.As you dive deeper groupers become your friends and starfish your confidantes.Feels like not only the underwater worl, but the whole universe is dancing with the morays and octopuses.

The underwater is a different world and diving is an escape to an extraordinary one.Scuba diving is a transparent gate taking you beyond the bounds of the world you know.It takes you into an unknown dimension where you will see new colors, shapes, textures, and amazing creatures, you did not know existed.Diving helps you renew yourself and your energy in a peaceful world.You will rediscovere all of your senses.


The feeling of freedom and the transforming experience will give you new emotions and experiences and you will be able to perceive infinity.You will witness your own transformation and get acquainted with a world beyond the obvious because sometimes reality is hidden beneath the visible.

Diving is a great chance to face, be alone, and get together with yourself.Bodrum has many diving centers which will give you the opportunity to go on this unique journey.

Scuba diving lessons will provide you with an indispensable hobby you can enjoy for the rest of your life.On day one, when you share your experiences with your diving companions a life transformation will begin.You can learn to dive in no time.

In Bodrum numerous diving centers offer a variety of training options preparing you to meet the mysterous underwater world in a short time.

Following a short course on land, instructing you on what to do and not do underwater, you put on the diving equipment and your magic underwater journey begins.

You can enter another world with a scuba diving centers in Bodrum, by taking the internationally accepted PADI, SSI and CMAS courses you too can get acquainted with the beauties of this silent world.A person who has finished a beginners course(PADI,CSI,CMAS) can dive 18 meters at most.

When you come to Bodrum, the quiet world of the underwater is only one step away.If you want to find peace,adventure, fun and pleasure all at the same place, you should try Bodrum underwater world.

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