Bodrum Night Life


In the evening the provocative colors of the day begin to fade.Stay in a village and watch the fireflies under the twinking stars, or blend in with the lively crowd to listen to the sounds of the world, the music of the universe.

The swishing of the seagulls returning to the castle and the sounds of the boats returning to the harbor, are the signs of the arrival of evening.Evening begins with the tall shadows of the whitewashed houses and the hills, and the golden reflections of sunlight caught up on the castle.When the castle lights up, day turns to night.Then, the moon rises.The moon rises with a red face as if ashamed of its own beauty.It finds its way from beyond the mountains, among the masts of the gulets.

On all the streets of Bodrum, the cheerful crowd rushes towards the shore, to the cafes, bars and restaurants in the harbor. The dinners last for hours, with delightful chatting away from all worries. After dinner Bodrum stays awake until sunrise.

Most shops and boutiques stay open until midnight. The shore cafes with a warm atmosphere, the vividnes of the floodlit castle walls, the music coming from the bars lining the crowded streets, soak into the soul wave by wave.

Besides the liveliness and colors changing every hour of the day, the glamor of the nightlife is one of the main characteristics of Bodrum.

During summer nights on cumhuriyet avenue, starting from iskele square and stretching until the end of Kumbahce district, the dives, discos, taverns, and bars at every step provide entertainment for people of all ages.The castle, shining like an amulet from ancient times, adds a certain beauty to Bodrum nights.

The day ends, and a new life starts in Bodrum.Bodrum finds a special place in every visitor’s heart.The day ends, and the moon rises. Words end, but Bodrum does not..

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