Bodrum Excursions

You can find everything in Bodrum.It is as tranquil as any fishing town, home to sponge divers, master seafarers, fisherman, and whitewashed houses with Bougainvillea climbing their walls, and as lively as any spectacular entertainment centers in the world.Enjoy the morning sea and sun if you wish in a serene cove by the sounds of sounds of sea, or enjoy music and animation at a popular beach, another option is take a cruise…


Boat Trip

A day at sea with lunch included and served on board. We set out at approx. 11:00 to cruise the turquoise seas of the Bodrum coastline.

We will visit five diferent bays (some only accessible by boat) where you can swim and snorkel in crystal – clear water or simply relax in the mild breeze, enjoy the stunning views and perfect your suntan to the sound of the gently lapping waves.

At the Black Island, half an hour from Bodrum, you can bath in the grotto where the warm mineral waters flowing out of the rocks are believed to beautify the complexion.
Back on land at approx. 17:30

Turkish Bath

The bath, consisting of separete men and women sections, is open for your service everyday from the very begining of mornings to nights (09:00 – 20:00) throughout all year including Saturday / Sunday.

You can leave your clothes in the dressing room, and go to the central platform (gobektasy) by putting on your pestemal and towels.


Scuba Diving

We have more than 15 dive points around Bodrum with typical Aegean and Mediterranean flora and fauna. Shallow water diving points offer dives without currents but full of fish for first timers, while some deeper points have small currents for experienced divers.

At times visibility reaches up to 40 meters meaning that you are now diving in crystal clear waters, literally! Rock formations in the dive points offer shelter for groupers, octopuses, learfish, barracudas and other different creatures. You also may see amphoras and antique anchors which are more than 2000 years old There are two reefs with depths ranging from 7 to 40 meters.

They are full of fish with good chances for photography. There are two caverns one at 12 meters, a buble cavern. Other one is at 6 meters with air in it, walls reflecting different shades of deep blue. Drop-offs allows you to discover something different.


Jeep Safari

Driving in Suzuki Jeeps, our 130 km route is mostly OFF-ROAD and includes the most spectacular views and countryside of the entire region.

Leaving Bodrum at approx. 10:00, we head east of the Bodrum Peninsula. After a coffee break at Ciftlikkoy, reach the highest peak of the Peninsula affording a magnificent panorama.

Continuing through Etrim and Mumcular villages and arrive at the sleepy hamlet of Mazi for lunch and a swim in the gorgeous bay. After take in the pine forests and mountain scenery on a return journey to Bodrum for approx. 17:00


Ephesus was the capital city of Roman province of Asia, a visit to Ephesus- which was once the commercial center of the ancient world, now the largest classical, archeological site in the world- is a highlight of any visit to Turkey.

The city with its splendid architectual program was dedicated to the goddess Artemis whose temple once concidered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

You will percieve the ancient life while you are strolling along the marble streets and visiting the Odeon, the Agora, Temple of Hadrian, the Monumental Fountains the Roman Baths, Library of Celsius and the Great Amphi-theatre.


Pamukkale (Cotton Castle): A magical and spectacular natural site unique in the world situated by the ruins of sacred Hierapolis ancient city; Pamukkale is a fairyland of dazzling white pertified castles.

Calcium rich thermal spring waters at a temperature of 35 C running of the plateau?s edge for millions of years, have created the fantastic formation of stalactities, cataracts and basins.

Relax in the hot springs that have been used since Roman times for their therapeutic powers or swim in the modern pools filled with warm, soothing thermal waters.


Greek Island Kos

A few miles from Bodrum is the Greek Island of Cos. One of the best known healing centres (Asclepion) of the ancient world is here and it is the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

Health seekers from the entire east Mediterranean were treated at Cos. The journey, by Hydrofoil, leaving from Bodrum at 9:00, takes just 20 minutes.

You will be free to explore this picturesque old city at your own pace. Return to Bodrum is at 16:00 from Cos. Please remember to bring your Passport.

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