Blue Cruise

A blue cruise is a navy blue horizon, waves crashing on the wooden sides of the boat in deep silence, and days completely dedicated to nature. Now, let us leave

the four walls of the world behind and make a pure journey, taking in all the memories of history. Experience the most beautiful  sunrise, admire the wondrous sunset.Be a blue voyager in a journey where all shades of blue and green dissolve into each other.

Gokova is an area where countless beautiful coves, island with pine forested shores and ancient cities are intertwined with each other.

Going further into Gokova from Bodrum, nature becomes greener and the mountains higher. Gokova spins with a dazzling array of colors.The azure and the greenish hue of the sky.Not only the blue of the sky, a thousand kinds of blues will spread out before your eyes. Purple, violet, green, emarald, ocean blue, navy, saxon blue, prussian blue, as the sun sets a butning red blue and lastly midnight blue, blue of happinies, blue of joy, blue of four seasons, all shades of blue.In this paradise with the iodine soaked stentorian voice of Halikarnas Balıkçısı, greet the freedom sprouting joy in the heart and soul, and the blue daydream.A boundless blue.

Pushing the limits of the soul and at the same time effortlessly believable.When the color of the sea turns from emarald to navy as the waters become deeper,Orak island becomes visible.Love at first sight begins here.Butterflies of all colors flow from inside you.

Orak island located 16 kilometers east from Bodrum, bestows irreplaceable memories on blue voyagers with its clean, clear waters and lush underwater habitat. As the mountains rise higher along the blue route, lace-like coves blossom before your eyes.

Kissebükü is a most beautiful natural heritage with a view you certainly will not forget.Kissebükü is an obligatory stop on the blue cruise.The scent of pine trees, a dark green path and afterwards the hurried reunion of the green and blue.This is the first stop of the civilization stepping into Bodrum.It was a home to many cultures over thousands of years.Kissebükü is also a green heritage,it is an emarald of Bodrum with its historic trees.

Along the route you will always meet a new cove on every turn…Like a dream you don’t want to wake up from.Like a dreaming coming true.

You will arrive Çokertme cove after Kissebuku.The waters of Çökertme cove are navy blue.A calm vast sea.Near çökertme, a heaven, Mazı altı .The crystal waters tremble with the pleasant wind swishing through the piece and olive trees on the hills.Before this beauty you will tremble with the pleasant wind swishing through the pine and olive trees an the hills.Before this beauty you will tremble in awe.On the clear, lonely beach; the shade of purple oleanders, tangerine and olive trees gives a joy nothing can overshadow.

Coming to Gokova you will first be astonished by the blue of the sea.  “The sea was burning blue”, Halikarnas Balıkçısı once said.The sea burns glaring, warm rays of the sun dancing on the cool waters.At the horizon the dissolving sea, colorful crystal waters, romantic coves with pine forests descenting onto the beach.

The unique cove where history, nature and sea come together, recieves its guests with its most beautiful face.A wondrous rendezvous with history, thorugh ancient remains of theathers, temples, walls and towers…In ancient ages Sedir, the opposite shore of Rhodes, was called”mountain cypress”in Latin. It is believed that Anthony and Cleopatra had a great love affair on this island.According to legend, about 3000 years ago when Cleopatra accepted his marriage proposal.Anthony king of egypt brought 60 sailings ships worth of sand to this island where he planned to bring Cleopatra.

Before reaching Bördübet cove, Yedi adalar( seven islands) welcome the blue voyagers.Three of the islands are spread between cape Teke to the north, and the other four between cape Taneli to the south as if someone has spread them out  one by one.The four islands in front of Gokova’s pine forested shores from a gulf wider than 2 miles.In almost all weathers there are numerous quiet spots to anchor in between the islands and the coves.

Martılı island to the west is a barren island.The others are uzun,zeytinli and Küçük islands.Çamaltı cove, bekar harbour(gökağac cove), Karaağac harbour, uzuz harbour,babüş cove, küfre cove and Gonüllü island, are the best spots to cast anchor in the yedi adalar area.Yedi adalar , famous for natural beauty and sorrounded by coral reefs, is one of the most amazing stops of a blue  cruise in Gokova.Our next stop Bördübet is far from civilization, a hidden spot in the forest.The English discovering this place, called it ” bird the bed” beacause of the abundance of birds.Bördübed is the Turkish phonetic equivalent.The Büyük çatı and Küçük Çatı coves are enjoyed by boatloads of merry people.

The end of Tuzla cove,

miles east to cape Koyun resembles a lake.The local believe that boats and fish can move from one cove to another.

The Aegean and the Mediterranean meet here.To the right the mediterranean, to the left the Aegean.According to the historian Heredotus, in 540 AD during the persian attacks the Knidans wanted to excavate this exact spot and seperate the peninsula from the mainland, turning it into an island and thus strengthening their defences.An oracle they consulted said,? No, if the gods wanted your country to be an island, they would have created it so?The Knidians in the face of this decision surrendered to the Persians.Balıkaşıran is a lonely island. It stands as if about to kiss the opposite shore but unable to reach it.

Gökova’s largest cove Değirmenbükü is a blue garden. In the navy blue waters of garden filled with trees, a marmaid will greet you…The voyage does not stop here. Once a blue voyager, there is no going back.It is just a beginning for a second visit, for a deep feeling of freedom.

This blue life has been a hope for exiles in the past.These lands have given freedom. They will continue to do so through the hearts of those who long for nature.

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