Bitez is only 8 kilometers from Bodrum.For those in search of tranquility,Bitez is more than enough.The former name of the Bodrum Bitez cove is Ağaçlı.Bitez is the epicenter of the peninsula’s entrancing citrus scent.In the olden days, or maybe not so olden there were trees as far as the eye could see.That is why the place was called Agaclı meaning”with trees”

The village, the actual area of settlement in fact a little inland, welcomes visitors with all its charm.”Bitez Yalısı”means the shore of the village.It has a famous song.”Çökertme’den çıktımda halil’im/ Aman başım selamet/Bitez’de yalısına gelmeden Halil’im/Aman koptu kıyamet…”

Bitez’s inimitable beach is quite marvelous.It is cool shallow water will give invigorate your body and delight your soul.At the tip of the cove it is as if the climate suddenly changes.With a ceaseless wind, surfboards and sails suddenly start to fly over the sea.The village is an ideal place to spend time after swimming in the marvelous sea.Sweet scented mandarin gardens are enjoyable to walk through.

When you wake up in Bodrum, after you have decided in which shade of blue you want to swim, 30 minutes is the maximum amount of time you will spend to get there.Here, the sea is a palette of blues.


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