The Marine Club Catamaran Bodrum


CATAMARAN is specially designed and built as a floating club with a capacity of 1500 guests.Regarding the concept and size Catamaran is unique in the whole world.Catamaran Boat+the private jetty and the club buildings on the shore totals up to the capacity of 2500 guests.

There is an entrance fee to CATAMARAN and 1 local drink is included in the entrance fee. Every night,Catamaran starts welcoming guests after 22.00 hrs and the party,starting after midnight,continues on the sea till the morning.When CATAMARAN is partying,out on the sea,for those who are late to join the party or for those who have go back early there are parasailing boats doing shuttles,every 15 minutes,between Catamaran and the land.

Hadi Gari: Outdoor club in Bodrum center


Hadigari is the oldest bar in Bodrum, opened in July 1974 and without interruption until the present day. It is by far one of the biggest bars in Bodrum, occupying an area of a space of 5000 square metres (more than an acre) and a capacity of 2000 people.

Hadi gari means “let’s go”.

Hadi Gari is fun and the music is good – a mixture of 80’s revival and Euro club hits but the crowd’s very different from the Ship Ahoy for sure.

Kule Bar: Sophisticated Rock Bar Bodrum


Excellent rock bar with a mix of Turkish and Western rock – excellent atmosphere, gets really busy after 12pm (never enough chairs/stools!!).
Table service available, draught Efes is not the best!
Snacks served at tables too, bonus.
Good night out

Fora Bar Bodrum


Set in the heart of Bodrum’s `Bar Street’ Fora Bar is probably the liveliest bar in town!
Our location is spectacular with great views of Bodrum Castle, Black Island & Bodrum Bay.
Fora bar opens daily at 1030am so Fora is a great place to CHILL! -Top up you’re tan, take a dip in the sea & have a spot of lunch!Let’s join the party where the spectacular Bodrum Castle view is waiting for its guests.Experience the world famous Bodrum night life, With the ambience of historical stone house and Fora bar service quality.

ShakerS Bar Gümbet


The ShakerS bar in Gumbet is an excellent place for a quick drink but on a busy night it is also a great place to spend the whole night. The music is loud and trendy (however it is the same mix of tracks EVERY night so if you are after variety you may need to limit your visits!).The drinks are cheap and the service is quick. The bar is air conditioned for those really hot nights

Heartbeat Bar Gumbet


First opened in 1992 and quickly became the forerunner of Bodrum nightlife. With its spectacular location, world class entertainment, shows, luxurious atmosphere and first-class service, At Club Heart Beat, customer satisfaction, quality of service and best value for money has always been its mission.Heartbeat is really night disco it opens 22:00 p.m till to 08:00 a.m, most of people goes there after 00:00 am

X-Bar Gümbet


Club X-bar is located right on the main strip of bar street in gumbet its the place to be….once you have been you will never stop going.

A further considerable open aır bar wıth panoramic vıews of the Agean provides a perfect zone to relax.The rapid table service and extensive range of drinks available evoke a proper club atmosphere, ensuring the return of friends’ and guests’ year after year

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