Antique Theater

Can you touch history?

Walking up the stairs of a theater remaining from the fourth century BC, can you tear the present time apart from the past?

Lycians, Romans, and many more have sat on these stairs holding their breath, cryiing and laughing together.In the presence of the ancient harbor, the Maussollos palace and the Mausolleion with all its might; they gave a standing ovation to the tragedies and the satires in the theater still standing today.Lines of the chorus echoed on these steps, the words floating and seeping into the walls of the theater…The ancient theater is the only building in Bodrum from the classical era to reach our day.This theater, located on the outskirts of mount Göktepe in the middle of Bodrum, is one of the oldest in Anatolia.Today in restored theater, which had space for a 12.000-13000 spectators, 4000 people can sit and watch concerts of contemporary artists.

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